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Premium, custom-made bowstrings, made only with the finest materials for any compound, recurve, or crossbow.

Veteran made. Veteran supported.


Purchase your Electric Bowstrings today!

5-Stage Tension Process
From start to finish, Electric Bowstrings undergo a consistent tension process to ensure a completely stable string with ZERO peep rotation!

Twist Ratio
Proper twist ratio helps with the stability of the string, but a shooter also needs a little bit of flexibility in order to tune their bow once the strings are installed. Too high or too low of a twist ratio can lead to under or over twisting the string during the bow tuning process, which can negatively impact the integrity of the string and serving material.

Strings and cables are stretched at 475 lbs of tension. This process fully elongates the material, which ensures that the string or cable WILL NOT stretch/creep once installed on the bow.

Only the best serving materials for each part of the string and cables are used on Electric Bowstrings. Strings and cables are served under high tension, which allows the serving to be put on extremely tight to prevent separation, all without negatively affecting the performance and stability of the string. The serving materials we choose for each part of the string or cable are specifically chosen to provide the utmost durability and functionality!

Speed Nocks
If the bow comes with speed nocks from the factory, your set of Electric Bowstrings will have speed nocks installed in the same factory placement. Speed nocks not only add a little speed to the bow, but can also be vital to ensuring proper nock travel.

Quality Control
Every set of strings is quality checked at every step of the build process, and then they undergo a final quality check for overall length and serving placement, prior to being installed in the shop, or being shipped out to the customer.

1-Year Warranty
Electric Bowstrings Premium Line Strings (452X, X99, and 454 materials) come with a 1-year warranty.

Zero String and Cable Stretch/Creep
Zero Peep Sight Rotation
Zero Serving Separation
Zero BS!
BCY Materials
1-Year Warranty

Pricing Options

2-3 Piece Sets $110
4 Piece Sets $120
5 Piece Sets $130

*Speed Nocks Included
*Free Continental Shipping

Military, law enforcement, and first responders receive a 10% discount.



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